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Working with Joseph Bates at Senga has been a great experience. I am an engineer and had a lot of technical questions, and Joe is so knowledgeable. He also provided me with all available financing options so I could make the best decision for my budget. The end result is a great-looking, properly-sized solar package for our Cal-Pac roof. Thanks Joe!

Working with Nathan at Senga Energy has been a very smooth experience.Nathan and his wider team were experts throughout the process, we have a system in place producing an appropriate amount of kWh for our home, and there was very little required from us to get there. It was a pleasure, and would highly recommend Senga.

Joe C.

Edward S.

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Senga Energy is one of northern California's top solar educators with hundreds of happy customers!

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Our solar cells are just better, producing significantly more energy over 25 years.

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Do I need a battery backup?

Are you ready to take your solar system to the next level? Embrace the future of energy independence with a battery backup.

Power Continuity, Rain or Shine:

With a battery backup, you can store excess energy during the day to use when the sun goes down or when clouds block its rays. Say goodbye to power outages and hello to 24/7 electricity!

Break Free from the Utility Grid:

Our batteries liberate you from unpredictable electricity prices and dependence on traditional power sources. Take control of your energy consumption and become your own energy producer. 

Optimize Your Solar Investment:

Maximize the value of your solar system with a battery. By storing surplus energy, you can avoid feeding it back to the grid at lower rates and instead use it when electricity prices are at their peak. This means more savings and a faster return on your solar investment.

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